Lo Statuto della Regione Sicilia

With legislative Decree of May the 15th 1946, the Isle of Sicily with the Eòlie islands, Egadi, Pantelleria, Pelàgie and Ustica
have constituted into an autonomous region, furnished of juridical personality, within the political unity of the Italian State.
The city of Palermo is the chief town of the Region. The Region has legislative power in the following subjects:
Agriculture and Forests; Reclamation, Civical uses; Industry and Commerce; Increase of the agricultural  and  industrial production; Urbanism; Public jobs of interest for the Region; Mines, Cave, Salt pans; Public waters; Fishing and Hunting; Public charity and good deeds; Tourism; Guardianship of the landscape; Maintenance of the antiquities and of the artistic work; regime of the local
corporate body; arrangement of the offices and of the corporate regional body; Juridical and economic state of the employees and officials of the Region; Elementary education; Museums, Libraries; Espropriation for public utility. Organs of the Region are:
The Meeting,the Junta and the regional President.
The Regional meeting has constituted from 90 chosen deputies in the Region to universal suffrage and hard incumbent 4 years.
                                                              The meeting elects in his inside President, two Vices Presidents, the Secretaries of the Meeting and the Errands Permanent. It practice the legislative functions attributes to the Region.
The regional President and the Junta constitute the Government of the Region. The President is Head of the Regional Government and it represents the Region; it also represents in the Region the Government of the State. The components of the Junta (Aldermen) are chosen from the Meeting and provosts from the President to the individuals branches of the Administration:
                                                               The Aldermans offices are: Local corporate body; Finances; Public jobs; Hygiene and Healthiness; Public education; Agriculture and forests; Industry and Commerce; Job,Foresight and welfare; Tourism and Show.

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