Tell me your name?


Adele is a Germanic name which cames from the Middle Age when he had good luck and was really diffused.
Adele takes origin from the Germanic word adal that means noble. Short for : Adelina, Lina.
At the foreign is known as : Adeline - Adela.
NAME DAY: 24 December

A really beautiful name, unfortunately not so widespread today (excluding the zone of Catania which has got as the Patron Saint the
Vergin Agatha of the 3rd Century). It is used to say that Quinziano, who felt in love with her, wanted to make her his wife, but when she refused
he wanted she to die, and so he did.
Agata means "good" : it cames from the Latin agatha and the Greek agathòs  S. Agata is the protector of the nurses.
Other Italian and Foreign forms : Agatina - Agatino (it). Aghate (fr. de.).  Aghata (uk).  Agueda (es).  Agàphia (nu).
NAME DAY: 5 February

Our grandfathers liked it and it is appreciated still now. Alessandro (the 3rd of the male names choosed in Italy, the 1st is Andrea)
it is widespread especially in the North of Italy.
Caming from Asia, it has a misterious meaning, also if popoular etymology refers to the Greek words alèkso (to protect)
and anèr andròs (man)  = "the defender of his own men". Short for : Sandro - Rino - Sandrina.
Known at the Foreign as : Alexandre - Alexandra - Sandrine - Alex - Elexandros - Sacha - Sandor.
KNOWN PEOPLE: Alexander the Great - Alessandro Manzoni - 37 Saints - 8 Popes - 3 King of Scotland - 3 Emperors of Russia.
NAME DAY: 18/26 Feb. - 18/27 Mar. - 24 Apr. - 3 Maj - 6 Jun. - 11/26/28 Aug. - 12 Dec.

Unknown until 15 years ago, today Alessia is much used, more than 5000 babies born the last year had this name.
The name cames from the Greek alexios (defender).
The male version of it (Alessio) is widespread in the Ortodox nations (Aleks). At the foreign is diffused as:
Alésio - Alessina - Alexis - Alejo - Aleixo.
KNOWN PEOPLE: Alessia has been the name of some Russian Princess.
NAME DAY: 17 July

It's the most common male name in Italy and it is still growing. The largest part of the babies born in 1996 was called so.
Coming from the Greek andreia which means "strong, brave". The most popular Saint with this name was one of the Apostle,
(brother of S.Peter); a martyr crucified with his head down on a cross made as a X.
Other Italian forms and Foreign names:
Andreino - Andreuccio (it). Andrè - Andreano (fr). Andrew - Andy - Dandy (uk). Andreas - Andres (de). Andrès (es).
Andrè (port). Andrei (nu). Andras (hu).
KNOWN PEOPLE: a lot of artists  - Mantegna - Palladio - Verocchio - Pisano - Doria.
NAME DAY: 30 November

Half a million male Italians and 580000 female Italians have got this name. It gives is success to the Angel's cult, especially for the guardian Angels. It comes from the Greek anghelos (messanger).
Other forms: Angelino - Lino - Angelina - Lina - Angelita (it). Ange - Angèle (fr). Angeline - Angie (uk). Angelita (es). Anjela (nu).
KNOWN PEOPLE: Pope Angelo Roncalli (Giovanni XXIII).
NAME DAY: 5 Maj for Angelo - 27 Jan. for Angela. The Saints guardian Angels are celebrated Oct. the 2nd.

There are 1 million Anna all  over Italy. A Christian name, it affirmed with the cult of Hail Mary's mother.
Anna has origin from the Jews Hannah, which means "God has got goodness", it is diffused all over the world.
It is known at the foreign as: Anne - Annette - Annie - Annick - Anais - Ninon - Nanette - Nancy - Ana - Anita - Hanna - Annika.
KNOWN PEOPLE: Anna Bolena -  Anna Frank -  Anna Kuliscioff.
NAME DAY: 26 July. (S. Anna is the protectress of women in child bed and the stockins makers)

Thanks to the popuolarity of Saint Antonio da Padova (patron Saint of children, poor people, prisoners, glass blowers, people
who lost something and barren women ) and of S.Antonio Abate (patron Saint of bakers animals and grocers) this name is the
3rd for diffusion. More than a million of Italians hold this name.
At Padova this is the 1st widespread name. The name has got an Etruscan origin.
Other Italian forms and foreign ones:
Antonello - Antonella - Antonietta - Etta - Tonino -- Nino - Nina - Nello - Nella - Tonio - Toni - Tòto (it). Antoinee - Antoniette (fr). Antony - Anty - Tony (uk).  Anton - Ton (de)).   Antonio (es). Antocha (nu).
KNOWN PEOPLE: Gramsci - Totò (Antonio De Curtis) - Vivaldi - Stradivari - Cechov.
NAME DAY: 17 June (da Padova)  - 13 January (abate)

It is an extremely widespread name in the Southern Italy and particulary in Sicily. It derives from the Greek words kalos (good)
and ghèron (old) so it means "good old man"; in olden times it was a reverence term, it was given to monks.
NAME DAY: 18 June

It's one of the most diffused names of the world.There's no one reigning House which has never got a king, prince or princess with this name. Carlo comes from the Germanic Karl, which meant "man" and then bought the meaning of "free man" under Carlo Magno.
Short for : Carlino - Carlina - Lino - Lina- Carletto - Carlotta - Carolina.
Known at the foreign with: Charles - Charlotte - Caroline - Lilli - Carl - Charley - Charlie - Karl - Carlos - Karolos - Karolina - Karoly.
KNOWN PEOPLE: Carlo V - Carlo VIII -  Carlo il Temerario - Carlo Martello - Carlo Alberto di Savoia - De Gaulle - Dickens - Darwin - Aznavour - Pope  Giovanni Paolo II (Karol Wojtyla)
NAME DAY: 17 August

More than 300.000 women in Italy ,especially on the South, are called Carmela. On the north it is more diffused the Spanish version Carmen.
The origin was born for the devotion of the Vergin of  Monte Carmelo, in Palestina (in jews
karmel, means garden).

Other forms: Carmen - Carmelina - Carmelo (it). Carmencita (es).
KNOWN PEOPLE: Carmen Russo.
NAME DAY: 16 July.

It's a name really common in Italy as in the rest of the world. Caterina comes from the Greek katharos which means "pure". 
In Italy it is elebrated S. Caterina from Siena, who is the Italian patroness togheter with  S. Francesco from Assisi.
At the foreign is also known as:
Catherine - Katia - Catarina - Caty - Kathlin - Katee - Cathy - Katherina - Rina - Karin - Catalina - Katina -  Katyusha.
KNOWN PEOPLE: A lot of Empress - Queens  e Princess.
NAME DAY: 30 April

Once it was the most common variant of Clara. But now Chiara is at the first places on the list of the given names of Italy, especially on the North and in Tuscany. It comes directly from the Latin and it means brighten or, in another way, illustrious. 
This name affirmed on the 1200 for the prestige of S. Chiara, disciple of  S. Francesco d'Assisi and founder of the Claresse ordin. 
When S. Francesco died, Chiara can't assist at the cerimony because she was a cloister.
The history tells that she saw from the walls of her cell the images of the obsequies.
A miracle which made her patroness of television, she is also the patron saint of the laundresses and the embroideresses.
Other Italian and foreign forms:
Clara - Claretta (it). Clarissa - Claire - Clairette - Clarine (fr).  Clare - Clara (uk).  Klara (de - nu).  Clara (es).
KNOWN PEOPLE:  The poet Chiaro Davanzati - Claretta Petacci.
NAME DAY: 11 August

It is a jew name composed by dan which means (judged) and el(God) so the meaning is  "God has judged".
The Saint which holds this name was a profet of the Old Testament.
Other forms of the name: Danilo - Danio - Dany.
Known in the rest of the world as: Daniel - Danny - Dannie - Dan - Nils - Niel - Daniil.
KNOWN PEOPLE: Danilo Dolci (sociologist) - the actress Danielle Dariux.
NAME DAY: 21 July

It entered on the list of the names of the 80's, Davide derives from the Jew dawid "loved".
On the Old Testament Davide was the second Israel King, the winner of the giant Golia. 
The book of the Psalms is assigned to him. Diffused on the AngloSaxon Nations Davide was a name of the Galles Kings.
S. Davide is Patron Saint of the singers, atrists and musicists.
Other forms: David - (fr).  Davy - Dave (uk)
NAME DAY: 29 December

This name, with a Greek origin:dios, means "divine, lighted". Diana was the sister of the God Apollo, in the Pagan mythology she was the God of the Hunt and the Night so she was identified with the Moon, it has had a special cult and it has been represented like goddess of the hunter.
Other forms: Diane (France and England)
KNOWN PEOPLE: La principessa Diana d'Inghilterra
NAME DAY: 10 June

It is an AngloSaxon's name which had a lot of lucky in England, thanks to the frequent use of this name by the Reignin' House; 
from Edoardo I king in 899 to Edoardo VIII.  Edoardo  derives from  ead  (richness) and ward (keeper) so we have "keeper of the richness"
or "Rich keeper".
Italian forms: Eduardo - Odoardo - Eduarda - Dina - Edo.
Known at the foreign as: Edouard - Edward - Eddy - Neddy - Ned - Ted - Duarte.
KNOWN PEOPLE: Edoardo De Filippo - Edward Kennedy.
NAME DAY: 18 March

It is a classic name, with Greek's origin elìos (sun) and elè  (radiance of the sun), so for the Greek's mythology  Elena was the God of the light.
S. Elena, was the mother of the Emperoor  Costantino, which converted to the Christianity fot her charity, love and mercy, was made Saint.

The name is also known as: Helène - Helen - Helena - Nelly - Lena - Hella - Eleni - Ielena - Ilona - Ilonka.
KNOWN PEOPLE: Many queens and princess.
NAME DAY: 18 August

Name with germanic origins and which means " the lord of the Nation" its origin are, haimi  (Land,Home,Nastion) end rik (Rich, Lrd).
It is known since the Middle Age becuase it was the name of many Emperoors.
In Italy is also known as: Richetto - Errico - Rico - Enrichetta - Errigo.
At the foreign: Henry Henriette (fr).  Henry - Harry - hal - Hetty - (uk). Heinrich Heinz - henkel - Hnrike (de).
Errìkos (gr). Henrique(es. port.). Genrik (nu).
KNOWN PEOPLE: Enrico IV - Enrico VIII - Enrico Fermi.
NAME DAY: 15 July

The lucky of this name is assigned at the Omero's Iliad hero popoularity. This name takes origin from the Greek èkhe-tor,
which means "who holds". Quite surely the real origin is unknown.
Foreign forms of this name: Hektor - Hector - Hèctor.
KNOWN PEOPLE:Ettore Fieramosca.
NAME DAY: ther isn't a Saint with this name

Name of Germanic origin, widespread in Italy since the Mid-Age. derives from frithu (peace) and rikja(powerful):
so it means " powerful on assure the peace" or " rich of internal peace" or "man paeaceful".
At the foreign is known as: Federic - Fred - Freddie - Freddy - Frederic - Federigo - Frtz - Federico - Fridrih.
KNOWN PEOPLE: Federico II - Federico Barbarossa - the philosopher Nietzsche - the writer Holderlin - the movie maker Fellini -
Fred Astaire.
NAME DAY: 18 July

800.000 Francesco and 350.000 Francesca live in our Nation. In any Region there is a variant of the name that could be Chicco - Chicca - Cesco - Cecco - Ceccardo.
This name has laical origins: derives from frankisk  "member of the Germanic people of the Franks".
But it gives his importance and his popoularity to the cult of S. Francesco d'Assisi (his real name was Giovanni).
Other foreign forms:François - Françoise (fr). Francis - Fanny  (uk). Franz (de). Francisco - Paco - Pancho (esp). Frankiskos (gr).
KNOWN PEOPLE: The Saints. Francesco di Sales - di Paola e Saverio - kings, prince and members of  Sacro Romano Impero, Francesco Sforza - Francesco Mazzola  known as the Parmigianino.
NAME DAY: 4 Oct. - 29 January - 9 March (S. Francesca Romana)

It is a really widespread name. It arrived to us from the Latin ords Iacòbus - Iàcobs, with the century it became Jacopo, but his origin his Jew, because  Giacomo is a variant of the name Giacobbe; his root: 'e^gebh means  "seek", as born as 2nd in a twins bornin'.
Other forms Jacopo - Mino. Over the world it becomes: Jacob - Jacques - Jaquet - Jacquiline (fr).  Jacob - James -Jemmy - Janie (uk). Jakob - jackel Jockel (de).
KNOWN PEOPLE: Various kings in England, Scotland, Spain. Jacopo da Lentini and Giacomo Pugliese artists of the Sycilian school - Jacopo della Quercia - Leopardi - the actors Dean e Steward - Jacqueline KKennedy.
NAME DAY: 25 July

A name with Jew origin,  deries from , yo (God) e hànan (mercyful) so it means "God has mercy". In Italy there are more than a million and a hundred thosand Giovanni and more than half a million Giovanna. The Church honours tha Saints: Giovanni Battista - Giovanni l'Evangelista - Giovanni Bosco - Giovanni d' Arimatea annd Giovanna d'Arco
Other Italian and internation ways:Gianni - Gianna - Nino - Nina (it). Jean - Janne - Janette (fr). John - Johnny - Jack - Joanna - Joan Jane - Jenny - Jean (uk). Hans - Johanna (de). Juan - Juanna - Juanito - Juanita (es). Ivan - Jovanka -Vania (nu)>
KNOWN PEOPLE: Agnelli - Lennon - Casanova - Joan Collins.>
NAME DAY: 30 May, 24 June

It will be the most used name in the next years, as it has been choosen so much by the parents in the last years. Today Giulia are more than 200.000, while  Giulio is less common. Really widespread, especially in Veneto and in Tuscany the short for Giulietta. 
This name arrives from the old Rome: the gens Julia was the people from where Jules Cesar came. But his older origin should be Greek, from Jovilios, "dedicated to Jupiter"  Many Italian and foreign forms: Giulietta (it). Jules - Julie - Juliette (fr). Jule-Julius (uk). Julio (es).
KNOWN PEOPLE: 3 Popes,  the painter Giulio Romano -  Giulio Einaudi - teh actress Giulietta Masina.
NAME DAY: 22 May

A millin and 770.000 Giuseppe, 600.000 Giuseppina and 200.000 Giuseppa; these are the numbers of a success continued from a long timesono. Diffused especially in Molise, Campania and Sardinia, this name has an Jew origin  Yòsephyàh  meaning "God will augment", it is the most common name in all the Regions. A way with no apparent stop. Other forms in Italy and all over the world: Bebbe - Pino - Pina - Peppino - Peppe - Giusi (it). Joseph - Josephine - Jolette (fr). Joseph - Joe - Josephine -- Josy (uk). Joseph - Josepha - Josephine - Josie (de). Josè Pepee Pepita (es). Josif (nu).
KNOWN PEOPLE: many Emperoors, king, prince - Verdi - Garibaldi - Mazzini Parini - Giusti - Ungaretti - Tomasi di Lampedusa -
the actress Josephine Baker.
NAME DAY: 19 March

It became a success name just in the last years. Before there were  Enzo and Renzo. His meaning is Laurentum,(an old city of Lazio, near Rome, surronded by the Lauro's tree). The most known Saint with this name was martyr which died on the stake on the year  258; a great man, while he was dying burned he said: "eat me, I'm cooked ". The name is widespread in many other Nations.
Other forms: Renzo- Loris (it). Laurent - Laurence (fr). Lawrence - Larry (uk). Lorenz - Laurenz - Lenz (de). Lorenzo (es).
KNOWN PEOPLE: Lorenzo il Magnifico - Lawrence d'Arabia - Bellini - Bernini.
NAME DAY: 10 August ( the night with more falling starts)

20 years ago thiis name was more than 200th in the list of the male choosed names. Today, Luca is the fourth name in the list of 1996. It is widespread all over Italy and it is really common in Campania.
The origins are Greek, the main Greek name was Lukasa short for the older form Lukanos.
The most known Saint is Saint Luca the Evangelist, who died martyr at 80 years. Now he is the Patron Saint of doctors and painters. Luca the Evangelist was born in Antiochia, he didn't know Juses, but he picked up all the stories of the other Disciples, especially the ones from S.Paolo and so he wrote the Gospel.
Other Luca's name in the world: Luchino (it). Luc (fr). Luke (uk). Lucas (es). Luka (nu). Lukas (de).
KNOWN PEOPLE:Luca Goldoni (writer) - Luchino Visconti (director)
NAME DAY: 18 October

With 400.000 picks, Lucia is the 8th female name in Italy. It comes from Lucius, an old Latin pronoum, which refers to lux (light).
S. Lucia is the Patron Saint of the sight. This name gives his importance to two facts: Lucia di Lammermoor by Donizzetti,  and "I Promessi Sposi" by Manzoni.
Other ways for: Lucille - Lucie (fr).   Lucy (uk).  Lucia (es). Liutsia (urss).
KNOWN PEOPLE:Lucia Mondella of the "I promessi Sposi" by A.Manzoni.
NAME DAY: 13 December

This name is one of the most widespread all over Europe.  His origin comes from the old French word Lodewig, which means "glorious in the battlefield" , because is made up by hlod (glory) and wig (battle).
Other Italian and foreign forms are: Luigia - Luigino - Gino - Gina - Gigi - Lisa (it). Louis - Louise - Loys (fr)
Lewis - Lovis - Louisa (uk)  Ludwig - Lutz - Louisee (de). Luis (es). Layos (hu). Liudvig (urss). Luìs (port.)
KNOWN PEOPLE:S. Luigi Gonzaga - many Emperoors, Kings, Queens, Princes and Princess - the scientist Galvani - Pasteur -
the writers Pirandello - Capuana - the discover Lumìère - the music makers Armistrong - Paoli  - Tenco
NAME DAY: 21 June (Luigi) - 25 March (Luisa)

Really diffused in Lombardia and Toscana, the name Marco is one of the most picked of the last year.
Today in Italy there are more than 100.000 people called so. The origin is the syncopated word Marticos,"dedicated to the God Marte", became Marcus, a classic Rome's pronoum. His success comes from the Actual way of give the Holy Bibble's names.
S. Marco is the Patron Saint of Venice, which Duomo holds his bones.
Many forms at the foreign: Mark - Marcus (uk).  Marc (fr).  Markus (de). Marcos (es). Mark (nu).
KNOWN PEOPLE: Marco Polo - Marcantonio (the lover of the Queen Cleopatra) - Cicerone - Chagal.
NAME DAY: 25 April

There are 2 millions and a half  Maria. With variants like (Mariella - Mariuccia) and the mixed up forms
(Maria Teresa - Maria Grazia - Maria Rosa) we arrive at three millions and a half. Without considering the 400.000 Anna Maria, he may come from the Jew maryam, (sea's drop) or marah (pain); from the Assyrian mariam (master) or the Egyptian mryt (loved)
Other Italian and foreign forms:Mariella - Marietta - Etta - Mariolina - Mariù (it). Marie - Marielle - Marion - Manon (fr). Mary - Moll - Molly - May (uk). Marie - Maria - Mia (es. port.). Marinka - Maruska (nu).
KNOWN PEOPLE: Maria Stuarda - Marie Curie
NAME DAY: 12 September

It is the fourth name in Italy for picking ( about 900.000 Italians are called so ), maybe for the wrong popoular conviction that the name derives from Holy Mary's name. Mario, instead, doesn't mean nothing with the female form of Maria. It is a noble Rome's name coming from Marius, and his origin is Etruscan.
Other ways for: Marius (fr. uk. de.)
KNOWN PEOPLE: Rome's general  Caio Mario - the writer Soldati  - the movie maker Monicelli e Camerini  -  the tenor Del Monaco
NAME DAY: 19 January

Not so used until ten years ago, in 1996 Martina came to the second place for the picks, especially in Piemonte, Sicilia and Liguria. It is considered the female way for Martino, it derives from a Rome's surname which means "dedicated to God Marte". If, instead, we consider it the short for Marta, it will derive from the old word mar, "Lord, ruler, master". The most known Saint with this name is S. Martino, Tours' bishop, who cut his cloak,to give it to a poor man. The legend tolds that few minutes later the sun started shining. So November the 11th (the recurrence) the weather is fine: S. Martino's summer. He is the Patron Saint of the army, drunk men, hosts
Other forms of this name are: Tino - Tina (it). Martin - Martine (fr).  Martin (uk. es.)
NAME DAY: 11 November

There are about  100.000 people having this name. And more than a half of them are really young: Matteo, as  Mattia, returned 
the last years. It is a Holy Bible's name (Matteo was one of the Evangelists) and derives form the Jew matithyah, which means "God present". The Church celebrates the Saints Matteo the Evangelist and  Mattia, the disciple who substituted Judas.
Other Italian and foreign forms are: Maffeo (it). Mathieu - Mathias (fr). Matthew - Matthias - Mat (uk). Matthias (de). Matias (es).&nbbsp; Matfii (urrs).
KNOWN PEOPLE: Matteo Maria Boiardo (writer).
NAME DAY:  Matteo 21 Feb. - Mattia 24 February

In the general classification of the most widespread masculine names, Michael is at the sixteenth place. In that of 1996 it's at fifteenth. It's always more appreciated. It comes from the Jewish language where Mikael means "whoever is big like God." 
S. Michael is the protector of the police officers and of the parachutists.
  KNOWN PEOPLE: Many emperors of East and Czar of Russia - Mikhail Gorbaciov- Michael J. Fox - Mickey Mouse.
     Varied Italian and foreign forms: Micaela- Lele (it). Michel- Michelle (fr). Michael - Mike Micky (uk). Michael (d). San Miguel (es). Mikalis (grecia). Mikhail (urss)
NAME DAY: 29 September

It is a name with Latin's origin :Nicolaum. Made up by the Greek's words nikao (to win) and laòs (people), it means "winner between the people". On the Mid-Age it was known as Nicolao,  Niccolò and then Nicolò. It is really diffused on the South part of Italy.
S. Nicola is the Patron Saint of the city of Bari, and is one of the most known Saint of Christianity. On the North of Europe he is identified as S.Claus (the Italian Babbo Natale). That's becuase he was really generous with poors and children
Other Italian and world's names are:Nicolino - Nicoletta - Nico - Coletta - Nicolò (it). Nicolas - Nicole - Colin - Colette (fr). Nicholas Kick (uk). Klaus Nicholaus (de). Nicolas (es). Nikita - Nikolenka (nu).
KNOWN PEOPLE: 5 Popes - Niccolò Macchiavelli - Copernico - Tommaseo
NAME DAY: 6 December

This name comes from Latin word paulus which means "little". Really used by the first Christians, there are more than  60 Saints or blessed soul. The most famous is S.Paolo Apostle, Jew from Tarso and persecutor of Christians; his real name was Saul, but he changed it when Jesus appearead to convert him on the way to Damascus.
Many other forms in the world as in Italy: Paolino - Paolina - Paoletta (it). Paul - Paula - Paulette (fr). Paul - Paula (uk)). Paulus (de). Pablo - Pablito (sp). Paulo (port.). Pavlos (greece). Pavel (nu)
KNOWN PEOPLE: Picasso - Neruda - Cèzanne - Gauguin - Paul Newman
NAME DAY: 29 June - 3 June Saint Paola

The 9th Italian name. There are more than half a million Pietro. And if we take also the many Pietro's derivations we arrive at 800.000 (Piergiorgio - Pierangelo - Pierpaolo - Piercarlo). Pietro is one of the Christian name more diffused all over the world. 
This thanks to the popoularity of Saint Pietro the prince of the Apostles; he was called Somone before Jesus changed his name 
to Kephas (rock). Pietro is also often used for cities, rivers and mountains
Many other forms for this name: Pierino - Pierina - Rino (it). Pierre - Pierrette - Pierrot (fr). Peter - Pete  (uk). PPeter (de). Pedro (es). Piotr (nu)
KNOWN PEOPLE: Piero della Francesca - Pietro il Grande - Renoir - Ciaijkovski
NAME DAY: 29 June

This name, which had some lucky in Italy, came to us with Frankish during their invasions. The origin must be researched in Germanic root, ragin (divine) and mund (protection) which will be then lationizzed in Ragimundus which means "divine protection"
Other Italian and foreign forms: Mondo - Monda (it). Raymond - Raymonde (fr). Ray (uk). Raimund (de). Ramòn - Raimundo - Ramona (es)
KNOWN PEOPLE: The general R. Montecuccoli - the writers Radiguet and Queneau
NAME DAY: 23 January

It is a Latin's one, Renatus, which means born again. S. Renato lived in the 5th Century, he was born died, but S. Maurilio bring him to life back and call him with this name
Other forms are: Renè ( fr. uk. de.). Renato (es)
KNOWN PEOPLE: Guttuso - director Renè Clair - the writer Fucini - Rascel - Pozzetto
NAME DAY: 12 November

Name really widespread in all the Occident Nations. His origin caomes from the Germanic  Hrodebert, made up by rhot  (fame,renown) and berth  (brighten), so it means "of a light fame". transformed by the Latin he become Rodepertus and then Robertus
Other Italians and foreign forms: Berto (it). Robert, Roberte (fr).  Robert, Bob, Bobby, Rob, Robin, Robby (uk).
Rupert (de).  Roberto (es)
KNOWN PEOPLE: Roberto d'Angio king of Sicily - Roberto il Guiscardo - Roberto il Forte - the musicist R. Schumann - R. Kennedy - the actors Taylor - Redford - Benigni - R. Satti (Bobby Solo)
NAME DAY: 13 May

At the 4th place between the female names in Italy, there are 600.000 Rosa and 100.000 Rosanna plus 50.000 Rosetta. Within the flowers' names is the most common, also is somebody consider it a short for rosamunda a name of Germanic derivation which mean "pride woman". Rosa is much used in the South of Italy and at Viterbo, where she is the Patron Saint
Other forms used in Italy and in the rest of the world: Rosina - Rosetta - Rosi - Rosella - Rosita - Rosy (it). Rosette - rosie - Roosine (fr). Rosine (de). Rosita (es). Rosy - Rose (uk)
KNOWN PEOPLE: S. Rosa da Lima
NAME DAY: 6 March - 24 and 30 August - 4 September

A name really dibated for his meaning, for someone his origin must be seeked in Rosa; for other the Germanic word Ruozeli his the original one, because it derives from hrod  (fame) and  lind (shield) so "glorious shield"
S. Rosalia is the Patron Saint of the city of Palermo.
In the place where she lived and died, a cave in the Mountain Pellegrino at Palermo, there are a lot of pelegrins and visitators coming from all over the world
Other forms: Lia (it). Rosalie (fr - uk - de).  Rosalia (Espain)
NAME DAY: 4 September

Used especially at Naples and in Sicily, has also some short for:(Turiddu - Turi), this name derives from the Latin verb salvare (to save), it is tenth on the chart of the Italian names more picked: 500.000 people has got this name.It refers to Jesus Christ for everyone "Our saver". But his diffusion might have been influenced by the Saints Ambrogio and Girolamo who spread it between 
the people
KNOWN PEOPLE: Salvator Rosa - Quasimodo - Giuliano
NAME DAY: 18 March

Sara is a Jew name really diffused, it is made up by Sharru (king) and Sharratu(queen) and it means "princess".
It is becoming to be areally used name also in our Nation: it was the third one in 1996.
It is widespread in Tuscany
Known in the rest of the world as: Sara - sarah - Sal - Sally
KNOWN PEOLE: Sara Simeoni (chamion of high jump)
NAME DAY: 10 October S. Sara (martyr of Persia) and 13 July  S. Sara virgin

It's an Etruscan name, his mean his unknown, he become a noble name in Rome gens sergia  (Sergia's people).
It is widespread in Asia, and especially in Greece
Other forms are: Sergia - Serge (fr. uk.).  Siergei (nu)
KNOWN PEOPLE: 4 Popes - the writer Puskin - the director Leone - car designer Pininfarina
NAME DAY: 25 September

It is a name of Jew origin : shama (to grant), which means "God has granted".Simone was the Apostle Jesus changed the name in Pietro (S. Pietro)
Other forms used: Simeone - Simonetta (it). Simon  (fr). Simon - Sim (uk - de). Simòn (es)
KNOWN PEOPLE: Simon Signoret
NAME DAY: 28 October

Stefano is a name really known, his origins are old. Taking origin from the Greek Stéfanhos, which means "crown", S. Stefano was the first martyr of Christianity
Many other variations are spread all over the world: Stéphanie - Stephane - (fr). Stephen - Fanny - Stevie (uk). Stephan - Steffen - Stef (de).  Esteban (sp). Stepan (nu)
KNOWN PEOLE:Different kings - nine Popoes - Stefania of Monaco - Stefania Sandrelli
NAME DAY: 22 May

Teresa was , until some time ago, a really diffused name.Today there are 400.000 women so called, it is the 7th name in Italy between the female ones. It is really widespread in Europe from the 1500,this thanks to the cult of  S. Teresa di Avila. 
The name is Spanish, the origin is Etruscan or maybe Greek therasia  "born at the Isle of Thera" (today  Santorini)
Known at the foreign as: Teresina - Teresita - Thèrése - Theresa - Terry - Tess - Tereza
KNOWN PEOPLE: Mother Teresa of  Calcutta
NAME DAY: 15 October - 3 October

This name has an Aramaic origin : t'oma,  which means twin, became Thomas in Latino. S. Tommaso was the Apostle who told that he wouldn't believe in the resurrection of Jesus until he didn't touch with his hands Jesus' sore: after 8 days Jesus appeared to him telling "place your hands into my wounds and believe". So the words "to be as S. Tommaso".
Other names similar:Masino - Mino - Mina (it). Thomas (fr). Thomas -Tom -Tommy (uk). Thomàs (es). Thomas (de). Tomè (port).
KNOWN PEOPLE:  S. Tommaso d'Aquino (doctor of the Church) - Tommaso da Celano - Tommaso Moro - the painter Tommaso Guidi, known as the Massaccio - the leader of the people Tommaso Aniello, known as Masaniello.
NAME DAY: 21 December

A name who derives from an Etruscan pronoum, Valentinus which means (stay fine,good and to be strong). S. Valentino was a martyr; after a life of faith and devotion. The day of his celebration is the Feb. the 14th, the Lover's day of all over the world. 
The name is the short for Valente, this name is popoular also thanks to the comics of  Crepax.
Known also as: Valente - Tino - Tina (it).  Valentin - Valentine (fr). Felden (de).
KNOWN PEOPLE: Valentino Garavaglia (stylist) - Valentina Tereskova (astronaut).
NAME DAY: 14 February

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