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The 5th of May 1906 Alessandro Cagno, driving a Itala inaugurated the glorious tradition of the Targa;
the affiliate are 22, but to the departure, fixed at 6 o'clock in the morning, they presented themselves to the start only 10 competitors, because there was the coincidence of two strikes, one in France and the other of the Italian maritime compartments, 12 cars didn't arrive in time to  Palermo, this despite Vincenzo Florio, organizer of the run and ships owner of the Florio-Rubettino Fleet, put to disposition of the pilots a ship that, sailed from Marsiglia, had touched the harbor of Genoa, berthing, but not in time, finally to Palermo.

The victorious arrival of Cagno on Itala.......................

The finish line of the 1° Edition of the Targa (1906), was placed between Buonfornello and Campofelice
along the long road that coasted along the sea and the railroad.

Vincenzo Florio congratulating with the winner of the first Targa

A violent temporal transformed the zone of the 2° edition of the Targa (1907) in a river of mud.
But Vincenzo Florio faced with energy and courage this incident, he made build in short time some gangways and pavements along the finish line making pick up the material available in the zone and driving the teams of workers.

Here the first cinema operator, the police served to remove the curious

We are only at the 2nd edition of the Targa, but the event already recalls at Palermo the best names of the Sicilian society. Vincenzo Florio also had the worth to transfer many French and English customs in Sicily,that were very different from the spiteful label of the Sicilian tradition.

Nazzaro on a Fiat 40 HP before starting near Vincenzo Florio, and at the finish

In that occasion the run developed on roads that resembled streams; there were many temporals during the competition. The Targa of the 1908 aroused scarce interest beside the auto foreign industries, but by now the run could count on a success of extraordinary public, 20,000 people arrived at that year to the finish of Buonfornello, with special trains, to be present to the run. The numerous journalists found a big novelty; the telegraphic direct connection through 8 apparatuses of transmission. The run was win by Trucco on Isotta Fraschini. Nazzario was forced to the withdrawal for the breakup of a wheel and Vincenzo Lancia lost the 1° place for for supply of pneumatic, it was in fact necessary to often change the rubbers.

 Tyres change made by Minoia
The arrival of the 1909 edition was moved from the rectilear way of Buonfornello to the Station of Cerda
to prevent the crwod to destroy the cultivated fields of the Barone di Cammarata.

Vincenzo Florio with Donna Annina di Montereale before the start of the 4th edition. (1909)

Teh 6th edition winner, Mr. Ceirano driving a SCAT

Soldatenkoff, 3rd placed in the 6th edition (1911) - the man on the right is Prince Tomasi of Lampedusa.......

Mean while Vincenzo Florio turned all the world to take accords with the auto houses so they participate to theTarga.
In 1911 he was able to convince the Ford.

Ceirano driving a SCAT wins 1914's Targa, arriving ...................

Crossing the ourskirts of Palermo - (1914)

The Targa starts again as the 1st World War is over; we see a partecipant with his car that run out

Enzo Ferrari sitting in his Alfa, he run and got the 2nd place in the 11th edition (1920).

The 12nd edition's winner, Giulio Masetti on Fiat, he was celebrated at the arrival...........................

These pics show people and places as the cars passed by; it is a hard race for  pilots and cars too.
It was one of the most dangerous and difficult tracks.

The win of Sivocci (1923) with his mechanic Guattia,...........

Felice Nazzaro refuel his own car.............

Young women's beauty parade..........

The Prince of Petrulla, official time keeper of Targa while communicating the ......

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