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mappa The Confederate States of America da:( Fardella Enrico
United States Army General
(Trapani 11/3/1821 - 5/7/1882)
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fotografia del 1863 del Generale Enrico Fardella da Trapani (archivio fam. Grifasi) Enrico Fardella son of Torrearsa's marquis, distinguished himeslf during the fervently days of the Sicilian revolution against the Borbonis, on 1848-49. Born on March 11 1821, he was the nephew of the lieutenant-general Gianbattista Fardella (1762-1836) who hold since 1830 to his death the position of War Minister on the Due Sicilie Reign.
The young Fardella heroically fought at Fieravecchia near Palermo, he later was a member of the War and Navy Committee on the Sicilian Revolutionary Government and appointed cavalry colonel fighting again at Messina.He was forced to escape and was caught in Calabria and released on exile and expatriation condition. His brave and bold spirit makes us find him back on the Balaclava battle on 1855, during the Crimea war, and later, on the '60s, with Garibaldi who appointed him Miltary Governo of the City of Trapani. On July he's at Milazzo, but as the war is over and Sicily became part of the Reign of Italy he sets off to America. He gets a volunteers regiment ready at his own expenses on 1861, exactly the 101st that was part of the Potomac Army at General George Mec Lellan's orders. He distinguished himself once more thanks to his command skills and his rush, and so he obtainted the rank of General from President Lincoln. These were years full of battles, guerrilla, heroisms, and Fardella on 1864 formed the 185th volunteers regiment, with many Sicilians on it, and joined the Wessels Army. He felt into an ambush skilfully set on him, and was caught prisoner along with his leading chiefs  endin' up interned at Andersonville until the end of the Civil war. On 1872 he's back at Trapani, and was welcome with triumphing honour and covered the Major's charge for six years. He died on July the 5th 1892, the Civic Museum and the City Library were named after him. His bronze portrait is shown at the Civic Museum of New York; it was given on 1952 by the Italian-Amerícan Sicilian Association .

Mario Grifasi - 10/11/05 - (c)

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