Were born at Messina

Antonello da Messina (1430-1479)
He had his education and studies at Naples to Colantonio's School, open to the Flemish influences, he took from these the taste of the details, the light intensity, the preciousness of the color. From 1475 at Venice, he engraved to his production more and more good compostive firmness.
Author of portraits of big psychological penetration.
Pala di S. Cassiano - Crocefissione - S. Sebastiano - Annunciazione
Alberti Antonio (sec. XVII) Painter
Bisazza Giuseppe (1809-1867) Poet
Dicearco (sec. IV a. C.) Phylospher. Disciple of Aristotle
Cannizzaro Tommaso(1838-1912) Patriot e Poet in Sicilian dialect and Italian language.
Cesareo Giovanni Alfredo (1868-1937) Poet
Cucinotta Maria Grazia (1973- ) Attrice
Cucinotta Saro (1831 - 1871) Engraver
Cuppari Pietro (1816-1870) Agronomist. Agricolture's teacher.
Baldacci Gaetano (1911-1971) Journalist
He was the first director of the newspaper "Il Giorno ", he found and directed the weekly  "ABC ".
Barbalonga Ricci Antonio (1600-1649) Painter
Guido delle Colonne (1210-1280) Poet. From the Sicilian's school.
La Farina Giuseppe (1815-1863) Politic
Between the founders of the società nazionale, that he directed from 1857; encharged by Cavour to control the expedition in Sicily (1860) he was sent off by Garibaldi. He wrote la storia d'Italia dal 1815 al 1850.
Lascaris Costantino (1434-1501) Humanist
Letterio Bruno (1837-1908) Musician
Juvara Filippo (1678-1736) Architect
He was active both in Piemonte and at Madrid. An eclectical talent, he was one of the highest exponent of the late European Baroque.
Maurolico Francesco (1494-1575) Mathematician. He's considered as the first to have replaced letters with numbers on the algebrical calculators. He translated and published a lot of works of Greek's classic mathematicians. He also did optics' studies.
Migneco Giuseppe ( 1908-....) Painter
One of the starter of Corrente and, on the after-war one of the main subject of Neorealismo.
Pino da Messina
(seconda metà del sec XV)
Sarullo P. M. Pasquale(XIX secolo) Painter
Sergi Giuseppe (1841-1936) Anthropologist. Author of many important researches about men's origin.
Schillacio Nicolò (1664-??) Physician
Scilla Agostino(sec. XVII) Painter
Scipione Enrico (1592-1670) Prosatore

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