Were born at Catania

Anastasi Pietro (1948 - ) Soccer player
He is a part of the Italian soccer legends, he was the soccer idol of my grandfather Angelo. Nicknamed the "white Pelè," he was a forward of fine race, he had the gift of the instinct, his goals bore from the imagination and from the intelligent improvisation. He was European Champion in the 1968. He has played in the Massimiliana of Catania- Varese-  Juventus (8 years)- Internazionale Milan (2 years).
Anselmi Rosina (1880-1965) Actress.
Antonio di San Giuliano (1852-1914) Statesman.
Battaglia Salvatore (1904-1971) Philosopher
He directed 'till the fourth volume:

"The great dictionary of Italian Language".
Bellini Vincenzo (1801-1834) Musician
One of the most illustrious exponent of the Italian melodrama. His greatest works are: Norma - La Sonnambula they demonstrate the great attitude to the Bellini's language, animated from a new Romantic sense. Other works are: Il pirata - Beatrice di Tenda - I puritani - I Cappuuleti e i Montecchi.
Clementi Aldo (1925 -... ) Composer. He experimented many vanguard tecniques. Ideogrammi 1 e 2 - Informel 1 e 2.
Caronda (VI Century) Legislator
His rimed laws were observed on the whole Greece and Sicily. A Pitagora's pupill, killed himself because hethought he broke his laws.
Cutelli Mario Jurist
Eredia Filippo (1871-1948) Metereologist
Metereologhy's teacher of Meterologht and Avionship at Rome. Lezioni di Meterologia.
Gioeni Giuseppe (1747-1822) Naturalist
Paternò Castello Ignazio
Principe di Biscari (1719-1786) 
Archeologist and Patron
Majorana Angelo (1865-1910) Sociologist
Treaure's Minister, he worked with customs, the expends and the municipalization of the public services.
Majorana Ettore (1906-1938?) Physic randson of Quirino
Pupill of Enrico Fermi, was one of the members of the "Scuola di Roma", giving notable contributionsto particles' pyshic.He disappearred misteriously.
Majorana Quirino (1871-1957) Physic. He studied electrolites and X-rays.
Martoglio Nino (1870-1921) Playwright
He wrote parts in Sicilian dialect, was an excellent theatre organizer and made four films: Thérèse Raquin (1915) and especially Sperduti nel buio (1914), which made him regarded as the precursor of the Neorealism. “Nica” - “Scuru” - “S. Giovanni Decollato”.
Musco Angelo (1871-1937) Actor
Coming out from the Sicilian's theatre scene. Martoglio wrote, for him: San Giovanni decollato -Aria del continente. Pirandello wrote, for him: Pensaci Giacomino - La giara. He took back his own best parts for the cinema.
Pacini Giovanni (1796-1867) Musician. Author of 90 melodramas with Rossini's style.  Il corsaro - Saffo.
Patti Ercole (1904-1976) Wrinther. “Giovannino”.
Rapisardi Mario (1844-1912) Poet
Catania University's professor, he wanted to be the leader of the positivisti and humanitarians, hymning to science, progress, freedom and justice. Atlantide - Lucifero - Giobbe - La palingenesi.
Rapisardi Michele (1822-1900) Painter
Recupero Giuseppe (1720-1778) Volcanologist
Savasta Antonio (174?-1959) Musician. “Galatea”.
Sozzi Giuseppe Painter
Turi Ferro (1921-2001) Actor
Valla Nicolò (????) Author of the Dictionary: "Siculo / Latin".
Verga Giovanni  (1840-1922) Writer
The highest exponent of verismo. He went throught a late-dramatical phase with the romances:Una peccatrice - Eva - Storia di una Capinera - Eros.The turn to verismo began with the Sicilian's ambientations of works like Nedda and continued with Vita dei Campi. With the novel I Malavoglia he started the loser's cycle. which second novel was Mastro don Gesualdo. That's the Nucleus of the great Verga's narrative.An examination of the Sicilian's world conducted with the "impersonality" and togheter with a deep mercy for the historical destiny of the poor, expressed with a sober writing and an intense "talking" which introduces inside the language the rhytms of the dialect.

His other master works are: Le Novelle - Per le vie - Arce. and the drammatic novels:Cavalleria Rusticana - In portineria - dal tuo al mio.

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