Mythis and legends of Sicily
Very handsome Sicilian shepherd, child of Fauno and of the Simete Nymph. Galatea Nymph felt in love with him, beloved but not reciprocated from the Polifemo the Cyclop, he jealous of Galatea, crushed under a rock the rival. The blood strained from him under the rock changed in water, giving origin to a river from Sicily, which taken the Aci name (Aci Trezza).

Virtuous nymph of the Elide; the Alfeo river sees her bathing, he felt in love with her; but she escapes him and Artemide (Diana) transformed her in a font at Ortigia, by Siracusa. Alfeo followed her through the sea and he succeeded to unite his waters to her waters.
Name the Romans used to invoke the Cerere goddess. She lived for a long time in Sicily, together with Proserpina's daughter. She abandoned the island when Plutone abducted her daughter.
Nymph of Siracusa, friend of Persefone, did everything possible in varied ways to prevent the abduction of the goddess by Ades; she wasn't able to do it so she began to cry in continuation. Ades was mercy and then changed her in a font. The god Anapo for love, united his waters to those of her.
Children of Uranio and of Gea. Monstrous giants with a solo eye in the middle of the front. They were four: Bronte- Sterope- Arge- Polifemo. they manufactured the lightnings of Zeus (Jupiter) in the shops on the Etna Volcano.
Sicily's King. He greeted Dedalo (Maze) running away from Minosse; when they approached in Sicily for ask the delivery of the fugitive, hewas killed from Cocalo, instigated from his daughters.
Sicilian child of Ermes (Ermete) and of a nymph, came raised from the Muses. Educated in the sound of the 
bagpipe from the Pan god, he was the inventor of the bucolic song. He was blinded from the Gods, for have not held faith to the love's juror to the Naide nymph. Not having more the sight, Dafni killed himself throwing from a rock. His father Ermes greeted him in the sky, and since then he had revered like divinity of the shepherds.
God of the winds, that guarded inside of the water recipients. Son of Poseidone and of Arnea, he lived together with his 12 children (6 males and 6 female, between them married), in the volcanic islands of Sicily that from him took the Eolie name. He greeted Ulisse and gave him the closed winds in a leather bag, but his friends, they opened the leather bag causing a storm that made return the ship toward the Eolie islands. Eolo believing that Ulisse was persecuted from the Gods, refused to help him again and chased him by.
Born from the union of Venus with the Bute argonaut, he was King of Elimi in Sicily and he founded the city of Erice on the Mountain that now carries his name. He built a marvelous Temple in honor of Ericina (Aphrodite). He was killed from Ercole because had stolen an ox to Gerione.
Nick name of Aphrodite, protectress of the sailors. In the Temple dedicated from Erice, on the mountain homonym, there were celebrated the Anagogia parties and Catalogia.
Nymph born from Uranus and Gea. She gave the name to the volcano from Sicily, where there was the forge of the god Efesto.
Very handsome Nymph son of Nereo and Doride, beloved from the Aci shepherd, that the Polifemo Cyclop, fallen in love with the Nymph, crushed under a rock. Then the Nymph transformed the shepherd in a river, uniting to him.
One of the sirens that together to the Partenope sisters and Ligea, bewitched the sailors near Messina.
With this name the Sicilians invoked Diana, considered lunar goddess.

Islet in the gulf of Siracusa, where Alfeo transformed into a river; reached the Aretusa Nymph, transformed into a font by Artemide.
Demons, twin children of  Zeus and of the Talia Nymph, revered in Sicily. To evade the persecution of Era, Talia hided from Zeus under earth. A little time after not far from the Simeto river, they got out of the ground two children that the Nymph had given birth to, and they were called Paligi (that means native two times). In the place they were born, the Sicilians built a big Temple which became place of meeting of the escaped slaves.
Ciclope,child of Poseidone (Neptune) and of Toosa, giant with an only eye, blinded from Ulisse that the escaped together with the friends. Fallen in love with Galatea, his Aci rival killed him with a rock.
Daughter of Erice; one of the deadly beauties beloved from Eracle.

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