The Messina 1908 Earthquake

cartina geografica della zona sismica del 1883

December the 28th 1908, Monday, 5:21 in the morning, with full darkness and dawn far to come and with many
inhabitants still sleeping,an earthquake, the strongest ever suffered by the city reached the 10° degree of the Mercalli
levels, along with a seaquake, turning upside-down the coasts of Southern Calabria and Oriental North Sicily.
Messina, with the collapse of 91%.of its buildings was almost entirely destroyed.
The number of the victims couldn't be verified but it's calculated in 70.000 people killed.
The survivors of the awful disaster were assisted by Russian, English and from many other Nations.
The Italians paramedics and the assistants were late among the general stupor of the whole world.
Angelo Grifasi

 Popular Illustration Duomo ruins - 1 - 2
Published picture
 The first tents  Exodus  Russian officers and service men among the wounded
Ruinded residences
 Post Office Building Soldiers at rescue
The King Of Italy among the wounded people
- - - Embarkation of refugees
The first researches
Embarkation of wounded people
 The harbour
Cavour Street  Porta Messina  San Martino Avenue - 1 - 2
Spirito Santo Square
- - The San Nicoḷ Church
Vittorio Emanuele Avenue - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4
Porta Imperiale Street
 The Bank of Italy building
Portalegni Street Solferino Street G. Garibaldi Street
Before the earthquake via G. Garibaldi Before the earthquake
S. Francesco di Paola Coast
Before the earthquake
Don Giovanni d'Austria monument

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