Interesting Sites about  Sicilia and Genealogy

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The Arduini - Pizzo Home Page (since 1996) The greatest site about Genealogy, done by my cousin  Frank Arduini
Mount Etna (Mongibello) (15/10/97)
The best pages devote to the Etna Volcano
Spence-Sacco-Burton(16/10/97) Good pages; useful for surnames researches
Joe's Italian Genealogy Page (18/10/97) Web pages really accurated. It has genealogy argouments and many links
Nerdworld (27/10/97) A site totally dedicated to genealogy's links
Frank La Rosa's Italian Gen.Group (2/11/97) An interesting and accurated site
Lou Alfano Genealogy Page   (13/11/97) Really elegant pages about genealogy researches
Joe Anastasio Page (28/11/97) A page caring about Italian-States' genealogy
Cindy's List (06/12/97) List of Internet Genealogy sites 
Christine Gaunt  (14/1/98)
Genealogy Resources site
Britannica Encyclopedia  (12/04/99) The excellent Encyclopedia created a link with us
Planet Rider  (since 1998) The best travel sites
Italian American Heritage Foundation
(since 1998)
Preserving and promoting the Italian Culture 1998)
The Ultimate Jumpsite For All Things Italian
Filippo Spadaro Home Page (28/4/98)
The Ionio Coast between S. Alessio and Alì
Capucina's WebPage Index:  (since 1998) Connections to Sicilian sites: a dear friend, really able
 Pigra (since 1998)
Sicilian express from Japan
The first Italian Bee Gees'
history and music site  (10/02/99)
Interesting and original site. Unbelievable the coat of arms of the Island of Man 
(where the Bee Gees were born), it's similar to the 
Sicily's symbol. - Don't miss it
Home Page sul Comune 
Isola delle Femmine  (22/3/99)
Come explore the history culture and Genealogy of these immigrants 
and their descendants
Italia mia Home page (since 1999) Site dedicated to the beauties of Italy
High Renaissance Artists
             Raphael & Tintoretto (since 1999)
A site totally dedicated to Raphael & Tintoretto
Web Sities:Genealogy Links (since 1999) Links to the best Genealogy sites (since 1999) The leading resource for family history
The Italian-American Web Site of N.Y.
(since 1999)
This site contains information about Italians and Italian-Americans, such as, organizations, famous Italians and Italian-Americans, history, genealogy, music, fashion.... 1999) Links to Italian and other Genealogy sites
Point (since 1999)
THE American  NETWORK of  Italian Genealogy
The American NET on the Italian Genealogy
Liza DeCredico's 
Italian Genealogy Pages   (since 1999)
Here are wonderful Personal Home Pages that contain Family Genealogy, Photographs, links and places to explore
The Genealogy Home Page (since 1999)
What's Really New in WWW Genealogy Pages
The Galioto Family Web Pages (since 1999)
Italian Genealogy Links 
University of Southern Maine (since 2000)
The University of Southern Maine in Portland did a link to us
AAA Matilda
AAA Matilda - World Announce Archive
Australia's International Search Engine
Colloraffi / Collorafi Home Page  (7/4/2000)
Beautiful home page of the Colloraffi family
Links to Interesting Italian Web Sources
Links to Italian sites that are mostly at least partially in English
Society and Culture Web directory Google
Web Pages Sicilians
AFS (2/9/2000)
 AFS is a non-profit volunteer based educational organization offering exchanges for students, young adults and teachers in over 50 countries around the world.
Italica Rai International  (l9/10/2000)
Italica it is a production Rai International (24/10/2000)
It's your Internet
CyberSleuth Kids  (05/11/2000)
An internet search guide for k-12 student
Linkcentre Search Engine
Linkcentre Internet Resource Center
Linkcentre is a fully searchable directory of web sites, created by publishers from around the world.
Cucina  (05/01/2001)
Submit your favorite Italian dishes and share them with the world. Recipes your grandmother and mother made famous which you and your family have enjoyed over the years.Cucina Amici will pick a "recipe of the month" each month and place it on our website. Keep the tradition alive
Italian American Heritage Foundation
Planet Internet
Siciliaanse historie (since 2001)
A site full of links to human's arts
Traveladventures  (since 2001)
Around the world in 80 clicks
ARCHON  (since 2001)
Czech's search engine that put alink to us
Chef 2 Chef (05/06/2001)
Excellent Culinary Portal  (dal 12/10/05)
Le Portail des grands mysteres
PREWARCAR  (since 2002)
The daily Magazine & Marketplace dedicated to the pre 1940 car.
dal 06/06/02)

Tourism in Italy: ItaliaPlease - Routes, Travels, Reservations, Events.  Guide to tourism links in Italy.  It shows our page dedicated to the Church Of S.Maria dello Spasimo at Palermo.
Chiesa S.Maria Dello Spasimo di Palermo.

SCUSA Fashion Maker capisce?
(dal 21/12/05)

SCUSA FASHION  offers a fine, high quality casual clothing range inspired by traditional family values, capisce?. Italian designed American classics, such as: t-shirts, bowling shirts, hawaii shirts, poloshirts, button down shirts, sweatshirts, tops, jackets, hats and accessories for both men as well as women.

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