The study of a family's descent


FAMILY: The whole of members of a family joined in Marriage or in a blood's tie.

CAPOSTIPIDE: The first one of a Family.

HOUSE: It is the noble term instead of Family, told with a sense of esteem.

LINEAGE: The Family's name.

STOCK: The origin of a Family; the word also refers to a whole people.

CLAN: The party of Families descending from the same Stock. (It also means a group of families   or  just people united by the same common interest).

DYNASTY: It is a reigning Family or anyhow a rich and powerful one which transmits these attributes.

DESCENDENT: The sons, grandsons and the great grandsons of a person.

PEOPLE: The old Families descending from the same Stock and having the same name.

LINEAGE: The ascendant of a Family.

MARRIAGE: A civil and religious license between a man and a woman; common interests unite them to procreate and assist mutually.

RELATIONSHIP: The whole of People united by sanguineous tiealso if not living togheter.

RACE : The noble and illustrious ascendancy.

PROGENY: The whole ascendancy and Descendant ; it also includes the ancestors and the great grandsons.

OFFSPRING: The sons, and in another mean, the whole Descendent.

BRANCH: It is a Descendent which goes off the main line.

BLOOD: It has got the meaning of Relationship, Offspring and Stock.

ISSUE: The same as Progeny.

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