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amicu di li amici Someone who helps, aid and abet and in case of need knows, and who count for many reasons.
arrusciaturi (watering can), machine-gun.
cacocciula (artichoke), the whole group, as the artichoke's leaves united togheter.
canna da stenniri A long barrel rifle.
cannila (candle), A rifle which, by the explosion of the bullet, gives the imagine of a candle's flame.
cannila 'astutata (extinguished candle), a rifle that doesn't shoot anymore;.
cappottu i lignu (over coat made in wood), gruesome and colored expression, which indicates a coffin.
cascittuni (large case of a wardrobe), informer,delator - spy; from the empty case'concept.
consigliori (adviser),  the advices, his prudence, trust's charges. To be an adviser; a goal between the more ambitioned.
coppola storta It is an old and bold wat to dress a hat.
falloccu (owl, dounce - idiot, fool), a man to trap, because non to so cleaver.
fatti la fama e curcati (reach the success and enjoy it), it means the need to be famous;, to reach an high place into society. Once arrived, you can stay calm and enjoy the advantages.
'ittari i virmiceddi (to throw vermicelli), To confess all.
lasagna (purse), the imagine is given by the stuffing.
lasagna a cavaddu having your purse in your pocket.
lavuru di cursa a work done good and quickly.
livarisi na petra di la scarpa (to leave a small stone from the shoes), from this imagine troublesome,means revenge.
muffiari the action of spying.
nun si l'havi a ghiuttiri the insult can't be accepted, can't be swallowed, who did a mistake, will surely pay for it.
pala di ficodindia (prickly pear's leaves), a flat foot. "you have got foots like prickle's pear".
...quannu ci sunnu centu cani supra 'n nosso.... A sentence which means  "when there are a hundred dogs over a bone; it's better stay away".
si sarba la pezza pri quannu veni u pertusu ( you preserve the rag for the period you'll have the hole ), you preserve memory, for the moment you'll have to act.
soccu non ti appartieni nun diri nè mali, nè beni Don't interest of other people's things don't say good or wrong things about something that don't interest you.
stuppagghiu plug made in cork.
zu' (uncle), Appelative not used without reference, usually used talking about old people . (If you can do it).
 es: sàlutamu  zu' Tano.

Civis Panormitanus Sum - 23/10/96
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